I am a Financial Planner and Will Writer working with people on their retirement planning, wealth management and
protection needs. I am passionate about supporting people with their life goals by helping them with their financial plans.

When not will writing or financial planning, I can be found running around the parks of Bedford or Ampthill with my yellow Labrador, Percy, or treading the boards at Bedford’s The Place Theatre. I am also kept busy with my lively and sport-crazy children, so will often 
be cheering them on at the edge of a cricket, hockey or rugby pitch. A season ticket holder at Bedford Blues rugby club, I regularly  enjoy a pint of Eagle while watching a match with friends at Goldington Road.

I offer my regulated Financial Planning Services through Perceptive Financial Solutions, and my willwriting
services and estate planning through Middle Path Estate Planning. Every one of my financial planning clients is encouraged to have
a will and LPA, because otherwise they would be building their castle on sand. No point in saving and working hard all your life if you are going to give it all away at the end to those you don’t intend – in particular the tax man!

If you feel that you would benefit from financial planning or just want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am a Law graduate, having obtained my law degree from the University of Edinburgh. I had an exciting career in relationship management within a large banking group, but when the opportunity arose to take control of my life and do something more rewarding, I took it.

I wanted to find a career in which I could really make a difference to people’s lives, but at the same time continuing working in Financial Services, which I really loved. The answer was obvious. I qualified myself as a Financial Planner and soon began working with Perceptive Financial Solutions.

Estate Planning is a vital part of any financial plan, so when I realised just how many of my clients did not have a will and had not given any thought to what would happen to their estate when they died, I decided that I was well placed to help them.

I trained intensively with APS Legal and passed the entry exam for the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW), becoming an Associate of APS Legal.

The name of my company reflects an idea that is central to my belief about the optimal way to live life. The Middle Path is a philosophy based on Buddhist teachings that encourage a life that avoids the extremes of abstinence and abundance.

The idea being that that the Middle Path leads to true enlightenment and contentment. Sometimes seeing and thinking about the extremes; black and white, good and bad, denial and greed can paralyse us into indecision. Indecision and inaction can be harmful in that it can cause us to coast through life without taking control. Seeing that there are many nuances between the extremes and choosing the Middle Path can help us to make decisions and to take back control.

This is the way I try to live my life. There is too little, too much, and in the middle there is enough. This can be a very subjective concept. I work with my clients to find their “enough”. I am passionate about using methods of life and financial coaching to help clients find the answer to this question. Therein lies the elusive “wellbeing” concept that seems to be a buzz word of our time.

What is the difference between
Estate Planning and Financial Planning?

In Estate Planning the concept of enough is difficult because we do not know how long we will live and whether we need to make provision for long term care costs in later life. I encourage my clients to have open minds about longevity and not to deny themselves their own lifestyles in order that they may pass on their wealth to the next generation. There has to be a middle path.

In Financial Planning I help my clients work out how much wealth they need to achieve their lifestyle objectives and build their financial plan around this, investing with just the right amount of risk to fund the lifestyle they wish, targeting steady, long term growth. Being rich is a transient, short lived state, but being truly wealthy is about having a sustainable future for both yourself and your family’s future generations. It is also about more than just money. It is about spending in line with your values on the things that matter to you in life.

Should I be doing both?

You can undertake Estate Planning separately from Financial Planning and vice versa, but for the majority of clients, aligning both plans is key to achieving a joined up solution both tax efficiently and cost effectively.

Please note that Middle Path is not an FCA-regulated company and therefore only undertakes the non-regulated activity of
willwriting and estate planning. Where regulated services are required, such as investment (pensions, ISAs, tax structuring) or life
insurance, clients are referred to Perceptive Financial Solutions.


“My husband and I needed LPAs as I was starting to get worried about making important legal and health decisions if one of us lost mental capacity. Emily painlessly arranged both sets of LPAs and now our children can help out with all sorts of things like talking to the bank or our doctors – it is so comforting to know they are able to give us this support without any hassle.”

Mr & Mrs Franks


As well as a Will, Middle Path Estate Planning will also provide you with...

 I like to get to know my clients, not just take instructions. I am not the usual will writer who charges by the hour and produces a document at the end that you won’t understand. Unfortunately the language in wills is legal by nature but I will be happy to explain to you what it means. If you are like me, you will relish the opportunity to expand your mind and increase your knowledge.

You will be surprised how topics of estate planning can become great dinner party conversations, because they should be common to all of us. We all need a will.
As an Independent Financial Planner, I am up to date with the latest tax legislation and will be able to bring in this knowledge when necessary.

Tax planning is an unregulated area, but if I feel you would benefit from an introduction to a company that offers investments for estate planning (inheritance tax mitigation).

I will do this through Perceptive Financial Solutions (PFS). Likewise, if a life assurance policy is to be recommended to cover inheritance tax liabilities, I am also able to do this through PFS.

I will give you time to ask as many questions as you wish. I will be happy to talk through various scenarios with you regarding the choices you make in your will, such as who you leave your assets to, how you leave them (directly or through a trust), and when, which is important in the case of minors.

Many people approach an Estate Planner to ask “what shall I do with my money?” I like to turn this around and ask “what can your money do for you?”. There is an important difference and just thinking about this can change your life. Your money is yours to use during your life to enrich your existence and that of those around you.

When you are gone, your wealth can continue to enhance and support the lives of your loved ones.
You will be surprised how having your will written will give you such peace of mind, and I encourage my clients also to talk to their families and beneficiaries about their wills. This is especially important if the money being left is a life-changing amount. The beneficiary would no doubt like time to think and prepare for this, and possibly seek the advice of a financial planner.

You are also likely to be happier knowing what plans that person might have for your gift, especially if they use it for something important such as getting on the property ladder, education or a life changing trip around the world. Or perhaps you are leaving money to a charity and you may wish to discuss with them how the legacy will be used to benefit others.
I do not wish for my clients to view my service as a transactional service. Life throws us curve balls and wonderful events, such as marriages and births and can mean we change our minds and plans.

I advise everyone to review their wills on at least a five yearly basis and after every life event – moving house, retirement, marriage, divorce, bereavement, birth

I am always just a phone call away to answer any questions on the impacts these events have on your estate planning.