Why Would I Need an LPA?

We take our Mental Capacity for granted I have a will, why do I need an LPA? Most adults know that they should write a will to deal with their affairs if they pass away, but there is a lack of awareness about what would happen if they were to lose capacity during their lifetime […]

Contemplating Marriage?

I have heard so many stories during this Covid-19 pandemic, that have broken my heart. So many dream holidays postponed indefinitely, celebrations and events that we’ve been looking forward to for years cancelled, but it’s the stories of couples who have had their wedding plans totally scuppered that have never failed to bring a tear […]

What’s Mine is Mine.
What’s Yours is Yours.

You have just bought your new home. It was a long and stressful process, culminating in the day of completion, picking up the keys and moving in. What an ordeal. Take a big sigh of relief, you are now the owner of a new home – you did it! And here’s to the next chapter […]